23 September, 2008

a small diversion with a huge engine

Last weekend M worked some connections and was able to borrow a very rare not-to-be-named sportscar which we drove to Holland to provide a much-needed diversion for his cousin, C.

After the devastating prognosis given back in July, C was discharged from the hospital. Since then he's started with some experimental treatments in Antwerpen. His chances of survival are still miniscule, but some of his markers have dropped slightly so everyone is cautiously optimistic that he's responding in some way to the new chemo. He's actually just surprised and grateful to even still be walking around, given the doctors' predictions earlier this summer.

You wouldn't think that one could have fun in the middle of such sadness, but somehow that's what happened. The weather was gorgeous, the car was a convertible and we took a quick trip out to Gouda to drink coffee in the sun with one of his friends.

C is a car fanatic and suddenly became boyish and playful again as he hopped in the passenger seat and M revved the engine. Even his fiancée turned animated, and that's one of the few times since we met last summer that I've actually seen her smile!

This car is legendary for its brute strength, but the power it had to bring a smile to everyone's face on Saturday was what proved to be truly awe inspiring!


anno said...

Betsy, this almost made me cry -- what a powerful reminder to notice and appreciate the things that bring us joy. Beautiful pictures, and a beautiful story, too!

Greg said...

Incredible Blessings.

Goofball said...

how great that you got to surprise him with such a splendid day. I am so happy for you and C and his family that you've been able to do this.

Africakid said...

The perfect escapade for a car-lover! Glad the weather cooperated too. I know he must enjoy the time with family and time to laugh like this.