13 February, 2012

I think we've had enough, thanks.

Another day another trip to the local surgeon. *sigh* This time it was for B who injured his shoulder during PE. If all goes well he can stay at home and rest and I won't need to go back until M's follow-up appointment on Thursday. :-P

08 February, 2012

We should be getting frequent flyer miles...

Right after it happened.
It swelled up a lot worse over
the next few days.
I tell you, between the kids and M we're keeping the local medical system in business.  I was just about to post a picture of M's fingers.  He blocked a kick wrong at Taekwondo last week and badly sprained his fingers.  Might have also broken the tip of one of them but x-rays were inconclusive.

Before I had time to write about that particular adventure, however, M arrived home from TKD and asked me to drive him to the emergency room.  Looks like he's torn a muscle in his calf.  They bandaged him, gave him a pair of crutches and asked him to visit the local surgeon tomorrow.  again.    Dr. D is a local legend and a workaholic.  I'm beginning to suspect that he sees us more often lately than he does his own family...  :-P

At least the mega-dose anti-inflammatory meds he's now taking for his calf will help his hand as well-- he's nothing if not efficient!

Jacket nazis

S is growing fast and will be needing a new winter jacket soon.  The other day he mentioned that he likes multicolored snowboarding jackets and that he'd like something bright and colorful.  This is the first time he's ever mentioned any preference regarding clothes, so on Monday his Oma and I went with him to the mall so that he could pick out a jacket.

We were browsing the outerwear section when he found it:  a really cute jacket with bright, cheerful red, white and blue blocks.  He tried it on and his eyes sparkled as he admired himself in the mirror.  He had found his holy grail.  On the way back to the car he had a spring in his step and obviously felt very "cool"!  Oma winked at me and said:  there goes a great jacket with a very happy boy in it.  :-)

Yesterday S and B had a dentist appointment so I picked them up from school early.  S hopped into the car and dissolved into tears.  When I asked what was wrong he said that everyone had laughed at him because he had a "girls' jacket".  Apparently one of his classmatess said:  "Wow, S, nice jacket!" and when he said "Thanks" he rounded it out with:  "...for a girl!"  S walked around in a t-shirt for the rest of the day.  It's -10 degrees outside.

After the dentist I took him back to the mall where we returned the jacket.  He was so relieved and today he's wearing his old black jacket and is feeling safe and anonymous again.

I know we can't shelter our kids from this sort of situation, and that by knowing I've got his back he's stronger for it, but I just keep remembering his humiliation and his tears and it breaks my heart...

01 February, 2012

No. your "other" left shoulder

I was at the dermatologists today.  Spent enough time abusing my skin on the Florida beaches as a teenager that I'm ending up spending about quadruple that as an adult checking a plethora of suspicious looking blemishes for signs of things gone awry.

Anyway, the spot on my foot that I'd gone in to have checked was fine so I asked her to check a strange spot on my shoulder blade.  It's really freaking cold outside so I had about 45 different layers on, and instead of taking them off I just pulled up my sweater and bared my shoulder blade.  She said she couldn't see anything suspicious and I was so relieved!  ...until about 2 hours later when I realized that I'd showed her the wrong. damned. shoulder.  UGH.

I've been watching this spot for months now, but it's always been in the mirror, and I was visualizing the mirror image when I was talking to her!

Have I ever mentioned here that I have absolutely NO SPATIAL VISUALISATION ABILITY whatsoever?!  GAH!