08 February, 2012

We should be getting frequent flyer miles...

Right after it happened.
It swelled up a lot worse over
the next few days.
I tell you, between the kids and M we're keeping the local medical system in business.  I was just about to post a picture of M's fingers.  He blocked a kick wrong at Taekwondo last week and badly sprained his fingers.  Might have also broken the tip of one of them but x-rays were inconclusive.

Before I had time to write about that particular adventure, however, M arrived home from TKD and asked me to drive him to the emergency room.  Looks like he's torn a muscle in his calf.  They bandaged him, gave him a pair of crutches and asked him to visit the local surgeon tomorrow.  again.    Dr. D is a local legend and a workaholic.  I'm beginning to suspect that he sees us more often lately than he does his own family...  :-P

At least the mega-dose anti-inflammatory meds he's now taking for his calf will help his hand as well-- he's nothing if not efficient!

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