17 April, 2010

Insanity: 2:20 am

Betsy, are you listening? I asked you something!

I rolled over, but couldn't bring myself to open my eyes: Wha-?

M is impatient now: "Who is that guy walking the holy path?"

I was completely confused and thought: Do we know someone doing el Camino?

Betsy!? Who's on the holy mission?!

The name "Ahmadinejad" inexplicably bubbled up from my subconscious.

M continued: Because he wants to do the Prüfung.

The what?!

He's really annoyed with me now and says "The PRÜ-FUNG!", patting my hip with each syllable.

Ahmadinejad is doing Taekwando with you?!

M snorts in disgust and rolls back over to his side of the bed as I sink, completely confused, back into the inky blackness.