17 April, 2010

Insanity: 2:20 am

Betsy, are you listening? I asked you something!

I rolled over, but couldn't bring myself to open my eyes: Wha-?

M is impatient now: "Who is that guy walking the holy path?"

I was completely confused and thought: Do we know someone doing el Camino?

Betsy!? Who's on the holy mission?!

The name "Ahmadinejad" inexplicably bubbled up from my subconscious.

M continued: Because he wants to do the Prüfung.

The what?!

He's really annoyed with me now and says "The PRÜ-FUNG!", patting my hip with each syllable.

Ahmadinejad is doing Taekwando with you?!

M snorts in disgust and rolls back over to his side of the bed as I sink, completely confused, back into the inky blackness.


anno said...

ha! and does M. deny all knowledge of said insanity in the morning? that's the way it goes around here...

Betsy said...

He didn't remember our conversation, only that he was really annoyed with me because I was being so dense. I mean, really, his logic was so easy to follow! :-)

anne said...

pretty funny.. that's exactly what my M. says: he can't understand why I'm being so obtuse.

Good to see you here again -- I've missed you!

Betsy said...

Thanks! I've missed you too!!!!!!! You trying to confuse me by posting under two different monikers?

Goofball said...

yeaaaay you are back

ha reminds me of Jan poking me once at night and asking if I was still in the basement :p. Credit to you though for thinking of Ahmadinejad in the middle of the night :p

Kelly said...

Yeah, you didn't hear ol' Mahmoud advanced to green belt last weekend?

Acedog said...

A common occurrence in our household, these nocturnal conversations of surrealistic bent.