31 July, 2012

Hello from sunny Slovenia!

We’re camping near Lake Bled and are completely charmed by this wonderful place! Slovenia is very green and ecologically friendly.  We’re right at the foothills of the Julian Alps and the scenery is spectacular: small family farms dot the landscape with snowcapped Mount Triglev in the background. Slovenia’s just as beautiful as anywhere we’ve camped in France or Italy but it’s not pretentious.
The campgrounds are not inexpensive but food in restaurants and supermarkets is fresh and cheap. This is our third time here—each trip we stay a little longer and I think that this is going to become our favorite vacation destination. In the mornings I get up early and take a hike with the dog before it gets too hot. This morning after a hard hike up a steep slope in the woods I suddenly came out into a clearing and came across a man cutting grass in his field with a scythe! Then I came upon row after row of neat vegetable patches and a couple of women resting in the shade and chatting amiably.

We were really "ripe for vacation" as ze Germans love to say. The week before we left was crazy with houseguests, the last days of school, a trip to the emergency clinic to have B’s knee Xrayed after a nasty fall, and of course an emergency trip to the vet the morning before we left because Wonderdog suddenly developed an oozing hotspot. M’s grandmother fell suddenly ill and had to be hospitalized. It was critical enough that the doctors asked that all her children be called to her bedside. She’s still not out of the woods but is doing better, thankfully. Add packing and organizing to the mix and I was absolutely fried. It’s so nice to be here and to be enjoying simple pleasures like the warmth of the sun, the sound of the river and some much needed R&R with my three favorite boyz…

20 July, 2012

My knight in shining armor...

S has a friend in his class who is a very talented soccer player.  So talented, in fact, that he's been scouted by some sort of state team and is actually being paid to play!  S was hanging out over at his house yesterday and K gave him a pair of bright yellow soccer shoes that he'd grown out of.  S was *thrilled* and was showing them off to me when he got home.

"Mom!  Look how AWESOME these are!  And they fit great!  And help me play better!  And someday when K is on the national team and becomes rich and famous I can sell them!  "

"Hmm.  So I guess if you're planning to sell them later you probably shouldn't wear them.  Maybe keep them in a plastic bag so that they stay in pristine condition."

"Maybe...  But then anyway, I'm going to sell them.  And make lots of money!  And then, don't worry, Mom, because then..."

and he gestured around the living room expansively with both arms...

"then I can finally get us out of this mess!"

09 July, 2012


Notoriously rowdy Dutch soccer fans caught in the act.

08 July, 2012

Photo update

S and B enjoying the weather at Lake Constance
Thinking deep thoughts with a friend.
Sightseeing with some of my favorite people at Lake Constance

B and his keyboard guru

end of the year recital

My roses are out of control!

am so happy it's summer!