20 July, 2012

My knight in shining armor...

S has a friend in his class who is a very talented soccer player.  So talented, in fact, that he's been scouted by some sort of state team and is actually being paid to play!  S was hanging out over at his house yesterday and K gave him a pair of bright yellow soccer shoes that he'd grown out of.  S was *thrilled* and was showing them off to me when he got home.

"Mom!  Look how AWESOME these are!  And they fit great!  And help me play better!  And someday when K is on the national team and becomes rich and famous I can sell them!  "

"Hmm.  So I guess if you're planning to sell them later you probably shouldn't wear them.  Maybe keep them in a plastic bag so that they stay in pristine condition."

"Maybe...  But then anyway, I'm going to sell them.  And make lots of money!  And then, don't worry, Mom, because then..."

and he gestured around the living room expansively with both arms...

"then I can finally get us out of this mess!"


anno said...

Ha! Love this!
Just curious, though: his room? what does it look like?

Betsy said...

He was actually talking about the living room!!! (which wasn't a mess. at least today.) unfortunately the twinkle in his eyes when he comes out with this stuff doesn't always come through in writing. :-)