01 February, 2012

No. your "other" left shoulder

I was at the dermatologists today.  Spent enough time abusing my skin on the Florida beaches as a teenager that I'm ending up spending about quadruple that as an adult checking a plethora of suspicious looking blemishes for signs of things gone awry.

Anyway, the spot on my foot that I'd gone in to have checked was fine so I asked her to check a strange spot on my shoulder blade.  It's really freaking cold outside so I had about 45 different layers on, and instead of taking them off I just pulled up my sweater and bared my shoulder blade.  She said she couldn't see anything suspicious and I was so relieved!  ...until about 2 hours later when I realized that I'd showed her the wrong. damned. shoulder.  UGH.

I've been watching this spot for months now, but it's always been in the mirror, and I was visualizing the mirror image when I was talking to her!

Have I ever mentioned here that I have absolutely NO SPATIAL VISUALISATION ABILITY whatsoever?!  GAH!

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Goofball said...

ha...I just made an appointment to have a spot removed. The dermatologists already say it's safe, but it often gets irritated (located under bra support) so I'll get it removed. That'll make me feel relieved. And then I don't need to pull up my layers each time again to double check if they still consider it a normal safe spot