24 January, 2012

They're sexy and they know it.***

**My apologies in advance for my hyena imitation in the background.  I had no idea they were preparing this until they suddenly whipped off their shirts...  (gotta love the part about them having "passion in their pants". Am literally LMFAO!)


Newberrys in Germany said...

I dunno why, but it made me think of the song, "There's a monster in my pants". Those fellas are adorable! And they are going to pay their way through college working at Chippendales, apparently. :)

anno said...

One thing for certain: looks like they know how to have a good time!

G in Berlin said...

Wow, that's quite good! Belly dancing lessons next!

Goofball said...


Anonymous said...

Kids these days...ha ha.

FB somehow figured out how to link us. I find that disturbing and amazing at the same time.

Lisa in Indy

Betsy said...

OK, so that *is* you. I didn't recognize the name but your face rang a bell, maybe from the days when you kept a blog to keep your family up to date on your antics overseas. Actually hadn't even gotten your comment yet and came over here to drop you a message and see if you'd sent the friend request. You never leave you email address here-- it's a little creepy that FB has somehow made this connection!??? Anyway, am happy to see you around the FB hood and will accept the friend request as soon as I'm done here. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, hee hee, it's me! Remember when I was in Germany, I'd pull up your blog and then try to comment and it would change the text to German. snicker. So I never created an account on blogger. Now that I'm in the states, it stays in English so I can just type comments using the anonymous ID.

LOL at the boys. So funny. I actually miss Germany. Not so much the weather but everything else about it. I'll let you know if there's a chance we'll be heading back to Europe. Oh, I'm writing that here because my Mother reads my facebook and she doesn't know that. Don't want to freak her out!

Have a great day!
Lisa in Indy