17 September, 2008

Stuttgart, Stuttgart, cold and dreary

I am having a hard time adjusting to autumn weather, so as a sunny diversion I created a mosaic of pictures from the non-vomitous portion of our trip to Cairo.

My digestion is still out of whack-- how's that for a lasting souvenier?!-- but am still so glad we went!

**Thank's to fd's mosaic maker for the sunny diversion!


Goofball said...

aaah good to know I have a post to come back to when I am overly depressed by fall weather!

Greg said...

The pictures of your trip are wonderful!

Not to rub it it, but here in Minnesota we're enjoying a wonderful stretch of Fall weather...cool nights with the day time temperatures in the 70's, lots of sunshine, and the leaves beginning to turn.

Anonymous said...

I've been in first gear all day myself and I think it's the cloudy cold grey days too. Keep adjusting the heat cuz the cold drafts are getting the best of me. Haven't seen the sun since last Tuesday. Nice pics and oh, the memories of that trip...bittersweet. Thanks for sharing.
Lurking Lisa

GL'sD said...

I don't know where Greg lives in Minnesota, but we near the Iowa line have had a bunch of rain a little on the cold side. Yesterday and today perfect.

anno said...

Sunny & warm here, too. Best weather we've had all summer!

Great pictures! That one of you and your family on your camel ride is still one of my favorites.

The last time I was in Munich was during the Oktoberfest. It was cold & rainy then, too. Not to mention crowded. We headed to Paris & had a much better time. Maybe it's time for another field trip?

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Beautiful pictures. Are you STILL having trouble from that Egypt trip? Check it out... parasites can linger for-------ever.

I got into some bad trouble when I was living in Anapa for a summer. Ugh.

Betsy said...

Did I hear Greg saying "Neener neener!"???

Good point about a field trip, Anno! We've got plans to flee the city screaming. Although I don't know if the weather will be any better where we're going-- this weekend we're off to Holland and next weekend Poland. I have a feeling I just need to get used to the color gray! :-P

Jen: I remember you mentioning your parasitic adventure! Supposedly that's not the case here-- or at least that's what a myriad of doctors have told me. (although they haven't really checked, so I'm not sure how they know.???)

They did try to "treat" me by giving me e.coli as a homeopathic treatment. (!!! Does that sound like a good idea to you?) Needless to say that didn't go over well. Right now I'm popping some kind of yeast pills three times a day, so let's hope they work their magic...