29 September, 2008

National Lampoon's Weekend in Warsaw

M had business in Warsaw over the weekend, so the kids and I tagged along to check out the city. I was shocked to discover that over 85% of the city had been destroyed by the Nazi regime during World War II. I had no idea that over a million people in Warsaw alone were killed within an 18 month period, and the more details I read, the sicker I felt!

The city today, however, hides its scars well. It has been lovingly restored and is a pleasure to explore. Especially if, like me, you accidentally happen upon the "In Your Pocket" tour book. It may not have been very effective in enlightening me on the sights I was seeing, but it kept me in stitches with its bizarre brand of humor. The author cites a street we walked along as being "full of crappy restaurants" and expounded upon strange street performers including "one chap, dressed as a monk, [who] collapsed after a marathon booze binge leaving his giant genitals exposed to the world." Now really, where else are you going to get that kind of useful information?!

Hold the mildew cheese, please.


C N Heidelberg said...

I've got to know more about this 'mildew cheese'!!

anno said...

Mildew cheese? Bleu cheese?

This tour book sounds like something I might read just for fun, even if a trip to Warsaw looks pretty unlikely anytime soon!

Africakid said...

Like the kusje picture! M looks quite happy there.

Very funny, the tour book--I wonder if the series includes any cities in Germany?? I'd buy it, for the bizarre take on things.