09 September, 2008

I almost vomited vicariously for him

We were in the car this afternoon, hopelessly lost after taking one wrong exit after another.

Me: Hey B, I'm thirsty. Do you have any water left in your thermos?
S: I do! You want some of mine? I only drank half of it today.
Me: Wait a minute! What were you drinking it out of?
S: My thermos!
Me: You mean the one that's been missing since July?
S: (happily) Oh yeah! It must have been in the bottom of my backpack all along!



Goofball said...

aaaah gross , so gross
oh yuk

Anonymous said...

Oh, Bets'...

Betsy said...

I know! I'm still cringing! The thing is, I kept expecting him to projectile vomit or have to race to the toilet, but we're 24 hours later and so far so good. (knock on wood!)

Anonymous said...

It was a really hot day one summer about ten years ago... I'd just gotten home and went straight for my water bottle sitting in the living room. Took a good long cold swig and wait minute... this stuff tastes kinda funny.

Turned then to see my husband standing in the doorway behind me staring in horror. Took a second look at what I was holding and saw it was a make-shift 'vase' I'd been storing some fresh-cut flowers in I'd bought the previous week, filled now with greenish-opaque water and little black floaty, fuzzy bits.

I'd gone out that morning in a hurry and dumped the flowers but forgot to remove the 'vase' from the coffee table. Sitting beside it was my water bottle...

So yeah, I totally feel you. :)


Betsy said...

Just when I thought it was safe... Lisa, you made me gag again! :-P

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Maybe it was hot enough to have sterilized the germs? At least you know S has a strong constitution.

Betsy said...

Hi Jen! Nope, no sterilization there. That thermos was a steady 80+ degrees for the past two months.

You're right, if this wasn't a test of his constitution, I don't know what is!