04 September, 2008

Finally: vacation photos!

Blissful dirty dog

Jardin de la Fontaine, Nimes

Pont du Gard

Sanitary Lady Bag, "So that nothing misses its mark" (???)
Four toreadors at the Arena in Nimes
View from La Maison Carrée de Nimes


C N Heidelberg said...

The Pont du Gard looks so amazing. I saw it flash by on the train on my way to Cassis and really want to go there!

My sister saw those "lady bags" when she was here and was mystified by the gun!! (Apparently it's the company logo??)

Goofball said...

oh gosh I feared that was a picture of a dead dog....thankfully not, it's yours and it's quite alife, just dirty :p

I'm confused by your picture "thoughtfull"...you only have 2 sons...did someone get a haircut during the vacation period?? I don't recognise him.

fun pictures though, looks like a very cultural yet sometimes crazy vacation :-)...koekhappen, whose idea was that? hahahahaaaa

Betsy said...

Yeah, B decided to cut off all of his hair! He was sick of it getting into his eyes and was just ready for a change. It looks great on him, but he has great hair and I miss the longer look...

Isn't the koekhappen picture funny? We spent a week with M's parents, two brothers and their families and one day we played a bunch of traditional games. It was terribly tacky and terribly funny all at the same time! :-)

anno said...

Looks like an amazing vacation! (Maybe a bit overcast, though?) And educational, too. How else would you have learned about "lady bags" designed so that nothing misses the mark. Definitely an attention-getting logo, there.

The koekhappen game looks like fun -- a picture well worth clicking to see what on earth they were trying to eat.

The boys are beautiful -- thanks for posting these!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Can you please take me with you next time?

Gorgeous photos and gorgeous family!

Betsy said...

Thanks! Sure! Come with us! The more the merrier! Maybe you can order the food for me next time... ;-)