02 September, 2008

If I could save time in a bottle...

I keep wishing that I could fold this week up carefully in tissue paper and store it until November when I usually start flagging and dreaming about unstructured time. The kids are really ready to get back to school and I'm feeling disorganized and sloppy. Isn't it funny that we accomplish the most when we're crazy busy and have the least amount of time? I don't have all that many pressing issues, but nothing's getting done because I keep getting seduced by "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" or the patch of sunlight falling just so on my deck chair on the balcony.

Today we're off to Playmobil Funpark and will spend the night at the house of an old friend who lives nearby.

Are you all surviving the first week of school?


Goofball said...

first week of school? Beside nervous colleagues and more traffic on the road, it doesn't affect me at all :p

anno said...

Being seduced by Animal, Vegetable, or Miracle is a good thing. Being able to be distracted by dust bunnies and stacks of bills ... not so good. Hold onto whatever summer enchantment remains.

Our first week of school? So far, totally nuts. I'm hoping things will settle down soon.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

We're having a crazy one, too, but a crazy-good one.

Boy, would C have LOVED Playmobile funpark! He was a playmobile fanatic at that age.