30 July, 2008

Bad news.

A cousin just came by. The chemo isn't working for M's cousin. There is nothing more that can be done for him.

We're all waiting for the prognosis, which might be given on Friday.

Although this is not exactly a surprise after the most recent test results it is still a shock all the same...

He's only 25 years old, engaged to be married and had his whole life stretched out before him. How is this possible?!


anno said...

It really is incomprehensible when someone as young as M's cousin must face instead of hopes and dreams, his own mortality. I am so sorry to hear of this, sorry for him, for the grief of his family & friends, for the sudden loss of hope. Deepest sympathies to all of you.

Goofball said...

Unfortunately there's no answer to the "why" question. There isn't.

I am so sorry for your family.

swissmiss said...

I'm so sorry.