31 July, 2008

We're off!

We just got back from a visit with M's cousin and his family. Leroy Sievers once said that the greatest gift you can give someone with cancer is a little slice of normalcy. C had built an intricate creation out of legos and really enjoyed showing it to S and B. And I was actually able to make it home before the tears came...

We're leaving tomorrow to travel down to the Ardennes where we've rented a house with extended family. After that M and I will take the kids and the dog down to the Provence for two weeks worth of camping. Of course we also plan to do a lot of hiking and to sample about a bazillion different kinds of local wines and olives.

See you all when we get back at the end of August! Take care of yourselves and enjoy your summer vacation! :-)


Goofball said...

are you going to be offline for the entire month? pfffffffffff

Africakid said...

The lego contraption sounds like a really good idea. Maybe it made him feel like a kid again, for a short time!
Hope you enjoy Provence, how could you go wrong with local wine and olives???