15 June, 2007


Have got tickets to see the Dalai Lama in Hamburg!!! I saw him last year in Brussels and was awestruck by his charismatic presence. He held a room with 4000+ people captivated for a week-- his talks were extremely interesting and he has this infectuous laugh that makes me smile even now as I'm remembering it.

This time I'm just going for two days. He'll be giving a two-day seminar called: "Learning peace - The practice of non-violence".

I am REALLY looking forward to it!


Goofball said...

Oh gosh, be careful though. He might be so peaceful and convincing that you send afterwards a forgiving letter to 1&1!!!

How did that end by the way? you seem to be more often online again...with a different supplier now?

Betsy said...

1&1! **groaaaaaaan!**

Well, we ended up having to pay them after we were turned over to a collections burea.

I wrote a long letter to the Verbraucherscentrale, which is a sort of Consumentenbond here and they agreed to contact 1&1 on our behalf. Haven't heard anything back though, and will contact them next week if necessary.

No, no new provider, UNFORTUNATELY! 1&1 refused our request to break the contract we have with them. Like it or not we're stuck with them through July 2008.

You're right, I'm finally back online! :-) Once the bill was settled they turned our service back on. But they're still charging us the old rates (which are 20% higher than current clients are paying. They refuse to adjust our rates because they say that our contract cancellation is pending. (and apparently it doesn't matter that it won't happen for more than a year!) I'm afraid to retract it, though, because then they might be able to lock us in for longer... GRR!

You know, I think even the Dalai Lama would have a hard time staying balanced and calm if he had to deal with these people!

On the flip side, though, it's a huge relief to be back online again! So even this black stormcloud has a silver lining in there somewhere...

Africakid said...

I'd love to hear the Dalai Lama speak. Enjoy your time and tell us all about it afterwards!

Brit Sung Kyung Kim said...

enjoy! brought memories of meeting Dalai Lama in Copenhagen some years ago - if I didn't plan to be in Korea at that time.. I might have joined you :P

christina said...

Oh wow, that's going to be amazing. A friend of my mum's saw him a couple of years ago and was so impressed.