14 June, 2007

Countdown at the VHS

Two weeks and counting til the Mittelstufe Prüfung. Classes are getting heavy-- we're now going four days a week and staying overtime. Our teacher has switched into manic mode and her stress is a bit contageous. It's like she's made it a personal goal to stuff us to bursting with rules, vocabulary, tips, etc.

I told a friend yesterday that my brain feels like a goose that's being fattened up just before it morphs into a glistening lump of fois gras.

It's all a bit intense at the moment, but a lot of grammar / comprehension is gelling for me at an astounding rate. Can finally read the newspaper and listen to radio talk shows without straining too hard. But now it's almost time to put my money where my mouth is-- am curious how I will measure up when faced with standardized testing....

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