11 June, 2007

Photo post

We're back from our camping trip and it's good to be home. This holiday was much needed-- it was nice to get away for a while and breathe and get some perspective. We seem to have had a good balance between time spent wallowing on the campground and interesting field trips. The scenery along the Cote d'Azur was spectacular, as always, and we got to spend most of our time outside.

I'm proud to say I finished reading my first German novel and think I learned a lot in the process. The Mittelstufe Prüfung is on June 30th so these next three weeks will be a mad dash filled with extra classes and cramming. I think I'm ready for it, though, and am actually looking forward to the challenge.

Just realized that I haven't posted pictures in a while. Here are a few that I've taken in the last few weeks.

Caravan V. Proudly clogging up traffic since May 2007. Seen here just before the maiden voyage.
D playing fetch in the Bodensee.
Collection of statues at a pond supply store near Lindau. I can think of all kinds of great metaphors for this picture...
This is actually an advertisement for a local butcher. WTF?! Is he homeless? Is he crazy? Would you trust this man with your sausage?
Our campsite was 5.7 km from the center of Lindau. There were paths along the coast and over the bridge onto the island. One afternoon we walked into town for a pizza. (and back!) and were pleasantly surprised at how much S and B enjoyed it. Everything is an adventure for them at this age... :-)
Finished his first book!

June 1st, 2007
Taking in the view on the Cote d'Azur.
The boys and I in Monaco. This was one of the few moments we could actually get them to stand still.

The rest of the time they were hopping up and down shouting "LOOK AT THAT FERRARI!" "DAD! THERE GOES ANOTHER ASTON MARTIN"
A certain maniac out in front of the Monte Carlo Casino. Monaco may never fully recover...
S and a friend playing with D on the campground.


Goofball said...

Well Betsy, that caravan is outragously big. Geeeez ;). Just kidding.

Nice pictures though!

Betsy said...

Oh no you're not. :-P

You're right. It's embarrassing, really. But it's fantastic to have the extra space on the inside-- especially when it rains...

I think I can say with conviction that my children are still alive and well today thanks to that extra space and the door that closes off their "room". ;-)

Lisa said...

Wow, you weren't kidding! That caravan is HUGE.

Betsy said...

Lisa, I'm disappointed! I was so looking forward to hearing your comments on the homeless sausage guy!

Lisa said...

*SNORT* :D Homeless sausage guy? That sounds like low-budget pr0n. *rotfl*

Goofball said...

the homeless sausage guy makes me think of some crazy version of the granddad in "Heidi in de bergen". Do you know that child story/movie?

Betsy said...

Vaguely. But I always got the impression that he bathed. (But I could be wrong.)

Homeless Sausage guy looks like he's got a nail fungus problem. No way would I eat any meat he prepared.

I should print out his picture and tape it up in my kitchen just in case I ever need any extra encouragement to stay vegetarian... :-D

Africakid said...

Hilarious sausage guy picture! And the Cote d'Azur looks so inviting...interesting juxtaposition.

christina said...

Actually, the homeless sausage guy kind of looks like a picture my dad (Austrian, grew up in Bregenz) has of his grandfather. Scary!

Great pictures

Carol said...

I LOVE the picture of the boys with their mouths open! Classic pose! Glad you had so much fun!