22 October, 2007

Bits and pieces

1.) Lately my traffic has gone up 30% due to people looking for this picture which I included in this post. And while I certainly wouldn't mind being considered a drag queen aficionado I have to give credit where credit is due: this photo was taken by Günter Hofstädter.
2.) While we're talking about "traffic accidents", I just wanted to clarify that "Supersize Betsy" is not my hefty alter-ego. Somehow I doubt my witty repartee will satisfy those of you who come through here looking to be smothered in kinky belly fat. I think you're looking for Deviant Desires...

3.) S turns 8 on Saturday, but since the date clashes with travel plans we celebrated it last weekend.

Yes, that is an ice cream cone with candles in it. He swore he would rather have that than something homemade. I was actually feeling guilty about not baking until I realized: "DUH! Wise up! Less time in the kitchen means more time to fritter away elsewhere...."

4.) I suppose that as an avowed pacifist I should have my reservations about M's newfound passion for Tae Kwan Do, but really: HUBBA HUBBA!
5.) J update: A couple of you have asked about S's friend who suddenly starting having vision problems. He apparently needs a special pair of bifocal glasses and will undergo therapy to help him regain his binocular vision.

His mother says that strabismus runs in the family and that it could be stress-induced. (???) So far no one has mentioned the possibility of a brain tumor, which can be associated with sudden binocular vision problems. (And I certainly am not going to bring it up.) Let's just hope that it gets straightened out soon so that his family can get back to normal!!!


Goofball said...

what? you are NOT supersize Betsy? Poooh then I've been visiting the wrong blog all along ;)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

LOL, Goofball!

I'm so glad J's situation is being straightened out.

Those other pics were hysterical.

BTW... when C was B's age, he always wanted kraft mac and cheese for his b'day dinner, and I felt the similar guilt thing. But you're right... why complain when you can fritter?

anno said...

Nobody ever comes to my blog in search of prurient pleasures. Gosh, what am I doing wrong? Loved your pictures, though!

Best wishes to S for a Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I have the picture of your boy with ice cream and candles on display life size in my room. The picture is so clear and sharp he appears to be right in front of me. The intimacy of walking up to such a gorgeous good looking boy and being able to kiss him at will is remarkable.