31 October, 2007

Halloween in the Hood


anno said...

oooh! scary!

(and who's the orange darling in the center?)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

The orange darling looks terrified by the mask on the left, lol! Are you all in the States now? You're not in MI, are you? If so, you should come have coffee with Anno and me!

Betsy said...

Hi! Just got back-- that cute pumpkin is my little niece who's 3 1/2 months old.

We were in NJ visiting my brother and his family and my parents came down to visit as well. It was nice to have a chance to finally spend some time with them all!

Jen, I'd LOVE to have a chance to have a coffee with you and Anno someday!

It's actually not such a far-fetched possibility. M works for an Auburn Hills-based automotive company ;-) and is in your area on a regular basis. We even lived in Troy for a couple of years at one point!

Anyway, somewhere down the road I may be in your neck of the woods and I'll be sure to drop you a line when I do!