17 October, 2007

Another reminder to count your blessings!

S's best friend is a big, good-natured kid. He's inherently kind and never fails to stick up for S if other kids give him a hard time.

This afternoon, as usual, I met up with them and the group of kids we all walk home with. I'd already noticed from a distance that J was rolling his eyes in a very disconcerting way. When I asked him if he was OK he said yeah, but that he had an appointment with the eye doctor scheduled for this afternoon. He then told me that suddenly he can't see out of one eye and that the other one has gone all blurry.

I took it with a grain of salt-- he has a talent for tall tales. But this afternoon S called to see how the appointment went and apparently the situation is so bad that J will have to go into the hospital and will miss school on Friday because he has an emergency appointment at a Sehschule for some kind of vision training.

I spoke to the father briefly and he said he still doesn't know much about J's condition, only that he'll have to undergo some more tests. He sounded extremely worried so I kept the call brief. But from what I understand this has come on quite suddenly, which sounds very alarming.

Let's just hope that he's going to be OK again very soon!


Greg said...

As I get older whenever I hear stories like this I want to hug those near and dear to me...not a bad idea!

Gardner said...

God's blessing to S and especially his friend. That is so tough to see others suffer.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

I sure hope that J is fine SOON and this is just a bizarre anomaly.

Astrid said...

That's awful. I hope J will be OK soon and back out playing with S.

anno said...

I'm sorry to hear about this -- how frightening for J and his family, and for S, too. I hope all turns out well.

Goofball said...

Yikes...that doesn't sound to well, does it. Let's just all cross our fingers for J!