24 October, 2007

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

A friend of mine who is living in Dublin called me a couple of weeks ago to say that she will be in Frankfurt for a conference.


"The 25th."

Shit. We're supposed to be leaving for the States on the 27th. A jaunt to Frankfurt would be fun but will create a lot of additional stress. I was lying slumped over in a conflicted heap on the couch.

M started laughing at me: "You are SO LAME!!!"

He reminded me that this is my bestest friend and that I haven't seen her in almost two years. That I would be really happy if I made the effort and got to spend some time with her.

He's right. I've vowed to worry less about the little details in life and to try and be more spontaneous. I called my friend back to tell her I'd come, obstacles be damned!

(Little did I know that the obstacles would start appearing thicker and faster than flyspots on a windshield on a country road in June.)

S had a school commitment that he couldn't get out of that would delay my start. Suddenly M had to go to Greece and would not return until Thursday evening. And of course it took a while to find someone who could take care of the kids for the few hours between the time that I left and when M returned for the handoff.

Finally everything was set! I bought my train tickets and....

(drumroll please!)

...Deutsche Bahn as announced a strike for local and regional trains between 2pm tomorrow and 8am Friday-- almost exactly the times I was supposed to be going.

You think someone is trying to tell me something?


Greg said...

I hope your transportation issues are solved in a way that allow for this trip. It would be good to see a dear old friend.

anno said...

Me, too. I hope these obstacles disappear just as rapidly as they've arisen.

Astrid said...

Hope you get it all sortet out!!
Bon voyage for this trip and the one to the states :)

Goofball said...

I think they are telling you to take a buss or a taxi.

Africakid said...

Have a good trip to the States! Kiss the ground for me. :)

Those train strikes are getting to be a problem--hope you see your friend despite it all.

Gardner said...

nice. I thought I had it bad for the strike, street car instead of train.

hope you made it.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Oh, Betsy! I'm so sorry. I hope the universe is WRONG and you get to see your friend!