17 July, 2007

A wrinkle in time

I was turning my head, straining to hear something M was saying earlier this evening when suddenly B exclaimed:

"You sure do have a lot of wrinkles on your neck!"
"I do NOT!"
"Yeah, you really do! Big ones!"

I was starting to feel a bit insecure-- I mean, after all, I've been out in the sun a LOT lately! Could it be that my skin is starting to age that quickly?!

The commentary continued:

"And they come out when you turn your head. Like this." and he tensed his neck muscles like the Incredible Hulk.

Tendons. Turns out that he meant tendons...

My first reaction was relief, then horror. This is just the first step towards becoming one of those skinny old ladies with leathery skin and panty hose pooling around their ankles.

I spent the better part of my high school years serving coffee to these kind of women. But then again, they seemed to enjoy their cake and some of them even carried around silver-plated hip flasks in their white vinyl purses. So maybe the future isn't looking that shabby after all!

1 comment:

Goofball said...

What do you mean..you don't have panty hose pooling around your ankles yet?

(ah now I have a flashback to your hilarious wedding/panty story )

Anyway, check out my blog, I gave you something!