08 July, 2007

The radish revisited

I don't know why I thought our conversation earlier this week would be a one-off thing. Of course those answers cohabitated for a while and then spawned an entire new generation of colicky questions of their own.

Luckily it's getting easier to talk about each time S and B come back to me.

But sometimes it's hard to hold a straight face. Especially when they ask things like:

"If sperm are so small how would I ever know when they're coming out of my penis?"


"So wait!? Could you also have babies with someone other than Daddy?"

I believe in the power of knowledge and if S and B are curious about sex and/or reproduction they should be told the complete truth in a very neutral way.

Unfortunately this tactic has also resulted in total nonchalance on their part-- B slipped in a fairly graphic comment the other day between stories about the tricycles at the kindergarten.

So now we've also had to have a major talk about privacy and the need to restrict questions and comments to our immediate family. I just hope they remember this rule. Otherwise I might have some extremely colorful blog postings coming up very soon... **shudder**


Susie Q said...

Hahahahahahahaha! ROTFLMAO!

Carol said...

We raised our kids with total openness like this. I believe that it's a large part of why they're so open and honest with us now, as teens and young adults. If sex is discussed matter-of-factly when they're young, I think it really helps them deal with it and communicate maturely about it when they're older.


swissmiss said...

"If sperm are so small..." LOL!
Ah, the things I have to look forward to.

christina said...

Oh yeah, there'll be a lot more of that to come. Our youngest loves to talk about this kind of stuff in all its glory detail, but he does limit it to family members, thank goodness.