24 July, 2007

My budding Picasso

Tomorrow is the boys' last day of school. Which basically means I'm wading through a morass of trash treasures that they're bringing home as they clean out their desks and cubby holes.

I was sorting through a stack of artwork this afternoon, trying to intuit which pieces they'd miss and which ones they wouldn't if I happened to file them in the nearest bin. Lots of paper airplanes, nebulous car-like shapes and intricate doodles.

One picture of B's really stood out. It had a sweet little giraffe thingy next to a blob with bird feet. I tossed away the rest and hung it up in a place of honor on the kitchen cabinets.

At dinner this evening he pointed at the masterpiece and said through a mouthful of potatoes:

That's nice! What is it?

Huh? What's what?

That! Over there on the kitchen cabinet!

Um? It's something you drew-- is that a bird?

No idea. I've never seen it before...


Goofball said...

is vacation only starting now??? wow that's late. But I suppose Germany only has 6 weeks of summer vacation and more vacation during the school year no?

haha, you might have the masterpiece of someone else then??

Lisa said...

*lol* :D cute!

I just wanted to throw a suggestion out there on this one... how I handled the mountains and mountains of kid-school-stuff I've been gifted over the years* is to take a good picture of it with a digital camera and store it all in a folder on my pc. That way if I want one of these days to have it printed and framed, I can. And the original probably wouldn't survive but a few years anyway.

*cause it breaks my heart to throw any of it away, it's kinda like throwing a piece of your child's childhood away

Betsy said...

Ellen Yeah, Baden Wuerttemburg is the last of the Bundeslanden to have vacation. We start later too-- think the first day of school is 20 September!

Lisa That's a brilliant idea! I don't know why I hadn't thought of it yet! Especially since one of my kids is very sentimental. I hate to throw the stuff out because it's so cute, and because he sometimes notices and gets upset. But on the other hand we've got boxes full of it and if I'm not careful we'll have to rent a bigger house just to accomodate all the artwork... Thanks!!!