16 July, 2007

Lessons for the day

Today I learned:
  1. if you come across a boy who's fallen off of the jungle gym onto his head and is lying motionless on the ground, his classmates might not run to get help from a teacher, even if you ask them to.
  2. chaperoning an entire 2nd grade class to the swimming pool is exhausting. Especially if the teacher chooses not to change into her bathing suit and stands at the side of the pool chatting with a friend rather than watching the kids
  3. if a child (not mine!) tries to sniff a molten marshmallow it is actually possible to burn off the tip of his nose. 3b: if that same nose comes into contact with a foam float in the pool it will bleed impressively
  4. "all day" sunscreen isn't, even if it claims it is
  5. it's a bad idea to take your child to Tae Kwan Do after he's spent the last 6 hours at the pool. (Even if he seems fine at the time.)
  6. when it is 38 degrees outside it can actually get so hot in the kitchen cabinets inside that chocolate melts
  7. when one is this tired and sunburned it actually feels good to lie down flat on the (relatively) cool tiled kitchen floor...
**Epilogue: I just called jungle gym head injury boy's mother to see if he's OK. Up until my call she hadn't been aware that anything had happened. (and while I was still on the line she started screeching at him for not telling her... oops.) But I guess this means he'll live to tell the tale...


Goofball said...

wow, that is a lot to learn in one day. you've been busy!

Hope you enjoy the floor!!! Here it is raining again! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Heza said...

Yep, a girlfriend of mine says that Germans are way too relaxed for her comfort level when it comes to watching over children.

For example: emergency contact numbers? what for?