09 March, 2007

Me speak pretty one day

I've just finished up the second week of my newest German class and I'm really enjoying it. Learning this language contunues to be a worthwhile and challenging process.

We're starting to branch out into more difficult material including newspaper articles and poetry. We read and write a lot more, which really helps. I've had a lot of pieces suddenly fall into place over the past few days and am flexing my language skills like a new muscle.

With language, as in nature, however, there are always checks and balances. I am in no danger of becoming cocky because I regularly get hit with the humble stick, and that keeps me in line.

Yesterday I was feeling confident because I'd made some very good points in a debate on climate change earlier in class. B was over at a classmate's house and when I went by to pick him up I stayed to chat with the mother.

At one point she picked him up and tickled him, which elicited a delighted giggle.

"So you're ticklish!" she asked him with a smile.

"Oh yes" I said brightly. "Don't dare only arrive him and he laughs."


Anonymous said...

Do you have that David Sedaris CD?? I think I bruised a rib laughing so hard from listening to it.


Betsy said...

I don't, and it's been on my list for forever. A friend of mine in Michigan (who has great taste in books) highly recommended it.

I love David Sederis, though.

Astrid said...

I love the feeling of learning a language. I even like the ups and downs because only then you realise how much you've learned and how much is left to go. I'm still more at the "how much left to go" side but those days when my french flows well makes up for all the embarrassing moments.

Lisa said...

I have so been there. I've not only been there, I live there. :D

swissmiss said...

You know, I've noticed that I can have serious discussions in German, say politics with the in-laws or oh god is that a lump with my GYN and do very well. And then those little casual off-the-cuff conversations with neighbors are full of peril. It's odd.

heza said...

Small talk is a toughy for me as well. I've resorted to listening to German telenovelas just to pick up few things on talking flowery. It's helped a little.