19 March, 2007

Mystery solved!

We are quite happy with our house. We like the big windows and the gorgeous view. The one thing we don't like, however, is the dishwasher which we had to buy from the previous tenants. Its less-than-stellar performance has been a constant, albeit small annoyance.

There are spots on our glasses. There is a film on our silverware. And then there's that god-awful smell that we just can't make go away, no matter how often M takes it apart and puts it back together again.

Lackadaisical hausfrau that I am, I have to admit that I haven't lost any sleep over it. As long as the dishes aren't swarming with big, hairy insects and have made it through the steam cycle I can live with it. But it has been annoying to have to hand scrub the residue buildup off of our glasses and silverware every month.

Today I was grocery shopping and the next item on the list was: Dishwasher Tabs.

So I walzed into the cleaning aisle, grabbed our normal tabs, the ones with the powerball. Was just tossing it into my cart when a small picture on the front caught my eye. A picture of a washing machine. For clothes.


I would not have been surprised if they had called security to aisle 6 to check out the crazy lady laughing maniacally to herself about laundry detergent...


goofball said...


christina said...

You know what? The very same thing happened to us about a month ago. We'd been using dishwasher tabs for years and been very happy and all of a sudden our glasses were getting this weird, kind of greasy film and nothing was really clean, so by chance I take a look at the box of tabs and discover that my husband had bought the laundry ones by mistake. I didn't even realize they made those. We're back to squeaky clean glasses now, thank goodness. :-)

P.S. We missed you on the weekend. Next time for sure, 'K?

Betsy said...

Christina: I'm so glad to hear you say that! The funny thing is that it's the same brand as the dishwasher tabs that we always used in Belgium. The box is about the same, the tabs look the same. I didn't know that they made them for laundry either.

I started buying these in the early days before my German was good enough to read the packaging. It was such a relief each time I found a familiar product that I knew from Belgium, and I guess I just never looked at the box very carefully after that.

Oh well, live and learn. And at least I got a good laugh out of it! :-)

I wish I could have joined you all as well, but M was travelling. (again!) Hope you had fun!

Chui Hsia said...

Errr... Betsy? What were you washing your clothes with then?

Mike Eberhart said...

Just wanted to say how I liked the blog-ness monster title. Entertaining :)

Runaway Rubber Duckie said...

Cute story! :) Good thing you solved that one!