18 March, 2007

Started the morning with a laugh

Sunday morning. (too) early. I become conscious of two small people slipping into bed with us.

S: Mom? Mom? Moooooo- hooooooom?
Me: Mmmmmf?
S: Have you ever noticed that when you peepee your penis gets bigger?
Me: .... Ummm. Yeah, that's because it's a flexible tube that stretches when it carries urine outside of your body from your bladder.
S: Yeah. Too bad about girls.
Me: wait, why?
S: Because they don't have bladders.
Me: ??!! But they do. We all have bladders. They're like balloons that fill up with urine until you're ready to peepee and get rid of it.
S: But girls don't have penises!
Me: No, they've just got an opening where the urine comes out. Bladders are inside your body.
Me: (totally awake now) Wait, no! Your bladder is here (pointing to his stomach) inside your body. Those balls are called testicles. They produce sperm that you might someday use to make a baby. But you don't have to worry about that for a long time.
B: Well that's good, because it's sure going to hurt when one of those balls has to come out of my penis...


Africakid said...

Sounds as if your son might be extra empathetic if he ever attends a birth someday(that whole "large things out of small openings" idea...)

Betsy said...

Only if he can picture that "ball" being 50cm long and weighing 3kg. ;-) this is one of those times where truth is stranger than fiction. I doubt he'd believe me even if I tried to pass on this interesting tidbit...