15 March, 2007

Physics and peanut butter

  1. One could hypothesize that a glass jar of peanut butter dropped onto a tile floor would implode, given the content's sticky properties.

  2. One would think that a glass jar of peanut butter, dropped onto a tile floor, could produce a radius of shattered glass that would be limited to the room in which it was dropped.

  3. If the product of this explosion somehow exceeded said radius, one could safely assume that it would be impossible for it to spread out into more than three rooms and two stairways.

The results of yesterday's study show that one would be completely wrong on all three hypotheses.


Lisa said...

You are so right. I shattered a couple wine glasses a week or so ago and we're still finding shards in every room. Funny thing is, none of us have had glass embedded in our bare feet. Apparently wine glass technology has advanced to the state of unembeddable. :)

goofball said...

well, I've once witnessed a jar of honey (also sticky properties) dropping on a tile floor and than bumping back and forth and making salto's for 4 meters while leaking all over...

Maybe you had the extreme bumpy jar that made a little tour through the house?

Runaway Rubber Duckie said...

You have peanut butter in Germany? (well not anymore, I guess! :) )

goofball said...

In Belgium you have peanut butter as well, but I don't know anybody who buys it except expats, (ex)exchange students like me and my sister and Dutch immigrants :p. There's usually 2 jars of peanut butter hidden at the end of the isle full of jam and choco spread varieties.

Or do you import Dutch pindakaas, Betsy?

Betsy said...

Hahahahahahaha! That is actually very funny-- looks like I've been caught redhanded.

I actually did import that jar from the Netherlands. We eat a lot of peanut butter and I really like a brand called Calve because it's got less added fat and sugar than other brands.

I don't even know if you can buy it here, to tell you the truth, because I haven't had to look yet. The last time we went to the Netherlands we stocked up on drop, hagelslag, sharp Dutch cheeses, and peanutbutter as well since it's so cheap there. (So you see, I've got some Dutch blood in me as well ;-) )

Sheila said...

Hmm, we *do* have peanut butter here in Germany, but to be honest I've only ever seen it in plastic jars.

Interesting side note: did you know that in Germany you aren't allowed to label the product "Peanut Butter", or even "Erdnuss Butter", because by law anything with the name "Butter" has to be made with, well, butter.

That is why it's called Erdnuss Creme in Germany :-)

(We even used to have Butterfingers, you know those yummy candy bars, over here. Can't remember what they were called, but they had to leave out the "Butter" part of the name...haven't seen those in aaaages.)