01 May, 2012

Pork chops instead of karate chops.

It's that time of year again!  May 1st is a national holiday and a big day for Taekwondo (and the rest of the Martial Arts Club) here in H-town.  Today marks their annual barbecue-- I dropped by around lunchtime and was thrilled to see M in his element, manning the grills and teasing his teammates.  I am apparently now "ze First Lady of TKD" since M's appointment as head of the club.  Suits me fine-- especially since I can wear sports shoes instead of heels!  :-)

As I left I noticed S and B playing soccer in a nearby field with a gaggle of other kids.  They were smiling and radiant.

Summer weather is here and D and I took a long hike home through the woods and enjoyed the quiet and the greenery.

Life is good!


anno said...

... and looking good, too! I think there needs to be a Pamela Anderson version of that apron.

Goofball said...

mmmm looks like great bbq