30 May, 2012

Of course. There's one on every street corner. ;-)

We visited Amsterdam with friends over the weekend and I'd been saying how much I love the city and that it's such a shame that most Americans seem to focus on its seamier aspects and forget the culture / architecture / friendly atmosphere.  Shortly afterwards we walked passed a bakery and I said:  "Wow!  Something smells WONDERFUL!"  to which S quipped:  "Must be the prostitutes."


anno said...

Believe you have discovered a new form of literature with these anecdotes. ... make me laugh, every one. Keep 'em coming!!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Love Amsterdam. We visited twice in 09 and had a great time. It is a beautiful city and I hope the next time we visit, it won't be fall and winter, but summer time.

Thanks for the chuckles I get here.
Lisa in Indy

Betsy said...

Thanks, Lisa and Anno! I wish Blogger had a way to "Like" comments like FB does. I'm always glad to see that you've stopped by! :-)