10 May, 2012


We fell in love with this house immediately, but in the past year I've really grown to love this garden as well.  My previous experience with gardening was very limited (and somewhat traumatic) and I felt a bit overwhelmed at first.  I was so worried that I would bring catastrophic ruin onto this beautiful place which a gardening friend called a "botanical paradise".

Over the past year my confidence has grown.  I've been lucky to have received a lot of advice from friends, neighbors and the previous owners.  I'm finally able to tell most of the weeds from the perennials and have even become bold enough to make some changes.  Now that the weather is nicer I can also add some new dashes of color and have splurged on some tropical favorites that remind me of long, happy days spent in my Grandma Kitty's garden:  hibiscus, lantana and marigolds!  Life is good!  :-)

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