21 May, 2011

Literal translations don't always work well.

Last weekend we were in Holland to celebrate M's grandma's 101st birthday. She rented out the wing of a restaurant and treated 60 or so of her offspring, offspring's offspring, and offspring's offspring's offspring (and their families) to a buffet dinner.

About halfway through B turned to me, batted his eyelashes innocently and asked: "So is S really allowed to go back for his 6th scoop of ice cream?"

I whistled to get S's attention and waved him over. "S, no more ice cream. No more sugar."

He looked at me, completely exasperated. "But I'm STARVING!"

"You're starving?! How is that possible-- we've been sitting at a buffet for 2 hours now."

"I know, but the only thing I've eaten tonight is a round piece of pig flesh!"

I actually snorted with laughter at that one. (But he still didn't get any more ice cream.)

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