09 May, 2011

I'm living in a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip

S: (stretching) It's a BEAUTIFUL day out!

Me: (distracted) Mmmmhmmm.

S: I'm done with school and I don't have any homework!!!

Me: Mmmmmm!

S: OK, well if you need me I'll be down in my room with the shades drawn, chewing tobacco and listening to AFN...


Goofball said...

Yes Calvin's parents also always answer with "mmmmm" ;)

so what is AFN?

Betsy said...

The Armed Forces Network Radio, a *horrible* radio station transmitted for the military here. The music is OK, but the DJ's crack a lot of really bad jokes and are just generally annoying.

Africakid said...

Ha ha, he knew how to get your attention!

Betsy said...

That kid cracks me up! :-)

Hope you had a nice Mothers' Day, Laurie!

Kelly said...

Egads. Chewing tobacco, sure, but AFN?! eek!