08 May, 2011

Happy Muthersday!

This morning I awoke to a cup of coffee, 4 ice cold feet under the sheets, and the following poem, read aloud for dramatic effect:

I like how you make my food
I like youre verry happy mood,
You make me Breackfast, Dinner, Lunch
And I love you (Pause) a bunch.
I like you even thow you only like 1 car (PT)
And you don't go to the bar,
I hope you have a wonderful May
(Pause) Happy Muthersday!


Kelly said...

That is teh best :)

Happy Muthersday, indeed!

Betsy said...

B tried to get him to change that 6th line to: "and you don't take me to a bar" but in the end they decided against it because it threw off the rhythm. :-D

Goofball said...

Happy Muthersday Betsy :)

not sure if I'd like to wake up by 4 cold feed, but the poem surely makes up for it!