07 May, 2011

Fast Five.

Last week M and I probably got ourselves nominated as the worst parents on the planet. And it's only partly because kept the kids out past 10pm. On a school night. When S had a heavy German test the next day.

No, it's worse than that. We actually took them to a screening party Chrysler held for its employees for the German premier of "Fast Five".

All I can say is: wow.

We knew they'd love the cars, but on top of that they also got an eyeful of over-the-top violence and possibly the WORST ACTING ever recorded! I haven't seen the other 4 films, and definitely have no desire to correct that particular deficit.

S loved it, B said about halfway through that he was done, and could we please go home now.

We had a biiiiiig debriefing on the way home, and I was cracking up at the things that they noticed and remembered. The hot babes went right over their heads, but they were coming up with all kinds of inconsistencies in the film:
  • The evil crime boss needed to use his right hand for the fingerprint recognition for the safe but they took the prints of his left hand to break into it.
  • Vin Diesel and The Rock were fighting, fell through a window and had cuts all over their faces and yet in the next scene they looked normal
  • One of the cars gets totally destroyed and in the next scene its windows are all intact.
  • The Rock sweated profusely throughout the movie, and yet all the other actors looked fresh and cool
Oh, and they asked me if I think that Brazil is really like that. And I said: "If it's got lots of beautiful women in bikinis and slick mobsters and huge hulking men with machine guns?" And they said: "What?! No! If it's so violent."

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Goofball said...

so funny what they remembered!