01 May, 2011

In his element

This morning the house was quiet. The Taekwando club was holding a fundraiser bbq at the school sportshall; M went to help out and S and B were thrilled to have an official reason to hang out and play tag with a lively crowd of other local kids.

I took advantage of the rare lack of chaos here to unpack some more boxes and organize one of our overflowing storage rooms.

Took a break at 2:30 to walk the dog and circled back around to the school to see if the TKD party was still going. I came around the bend and saw M manning a grill, wearing a cheesy photo-apron which gave the impression that he was shirtless, highly-muscled, and wearing a well-padded speedo. Relaxed and happy, he was surrounded by 4 other guys, who were all having a beer, egging each other on and cracking up.

M is very self-confident, but he is not someone who seeks out crowds or who normally enjoys being the center of attention. And yet here he was, completely in his element, handing out one-liners right along with the steaks he'd just grilled. I am so glad that we have ended up here and that we have the privilege of being a part of this community!


Sal said...

My Dear B - I love it. Happy is *such* a good thing, huh? Love, S

Betsy said...

It is, isn't it?! Love you too! :-) B.

Goofball said...

next time you should post a picture of him with that apron :p

Betsy said...

If I had one I would! I was kicking myself for not having my camera with me!