12 November, 2007

What a blessing!

Today S read an endearing poem entitled "Ich bin froh, dass ich bin, wie ich bin". (I am happy that I am how I am)

The protagonist is feeling insecure and is thinking about other forms he might like to assume: a tree; a bird; a cloud. But after thinking about each alternative he comes to the conclusion that he'd actually rather be the way he is.

Of course at the end there were the mandatory questions to check reading comprehension-- "What would you like to be?", "What wouldn't you like to be?"

The last question was: "Are you also happy to be the way you are?"

S answered:

"ja, sogar sehr" (yes, very much so)

I've had a warm, happy feeling for the rest of the day! :-)


ian in hamburg said...

Aren't those great? Despite all the doubts whether you're doing the right thing as a parent - because nobody bothered to write the instruction book for your particular family - you get little signs from time to time which show your kids are turning out just fine.

Goofball said...

That's awesome

anno said...

What a gift! It's good to hear these things, no?

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

How lovely for you and for him!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

and here's the German poem I know best, lol:

Macht Kinder Froh!

Pathetic, huh?

Jenn in Holland said...

That is such a lovely moment. Really, really cool.

Africakid said...

I wish everyone could answer the same way that S. did! Beautiful.