18 November, 2007


M and I watched Little Children with a friend last night. The film was great but left me with a creepy feeling afterwards, so I was a little jumpy when I went downstairs to go to bed.

I was sliding under the covers when suddenly raucous, maniacal laughter erupted from underneath my pillow.

Once I'd peeled myself off of the ceiling, a search revealed a little plastic device that previously resided inside an odious stuffed animal the kids got from Oma one year. When you press a button it laughs uproariously.

At least someone's laughing, because my children certainly won't be when they're turned out in the snow to do hard manual labor...


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

LOL... I can't believe they pulled that off! Um... it will be interesting when S turns 14. ;-)

anno said...

And aren't they worried about the imminent arrival of Sinterklaas?

How was Little Children? I loved the book, went on a Tom Perotta binge afterwards & wished he had written more.

Brit Sung Kyung Kim said...

Kids are just sooo much fun! he he heehh..;b

sth entirely different..just found this 1978! recoring of Im Nin'Alu :)


and.. drop by my little music project on myspace.com/sacredmantras

big smiles and thanks for inspiring me with the wonders of being a mum!!

Laura said...

See it is all these "SPECIAL" moments I miss out on for not having kids. ;)

I had a cat that use to leave me little "Surprises" places...he is no longer with us. ;)

As usual enjoying your blog.

I did update mine....thanks for checking in on me.