04 September, 2007

At least it wasn't a FlowBee*...

M came home yesterday with an impish smile: "I've got a present for you."


"Ummmm. No. It's from my colleague, H."

Oh god.

H has become a regular around here, which is surprising if you consider that I flashed him the first time I met him. And that I fed him vomit-colored stew shortly thereafter.

Anyway, it appears that H has a strong stomach. That, and he's got my best interests at heart, because when he was at the grocery store the other day he saw a shirt-folder and for some reason he thought of me. (???)

"Wait-- WHAT???!!! A shirt-folder. You're kidding, right?"

M chuckled. "Um. No. It's just like the ones you see advertised on TV."

I was completely dumbfounded. As you can see from the breakfast crumbs still on the table when I took this picture at 2:30 pm, I don't exactly excel at home ec.

Is H trying to tell me something? That my husband is rumpled? Maybe that I need a hobby?

A younger version of Betsy would probably have had to be restrained to keep from burning this gift and pouring the ashes into the next pot of vomit-colored stew.

I've mellowed a lot over the years, though, luckily. Now all I can do is laugh. Me! A shirt-folder! Who'da thunk it?!!!

*I just checked, and the FlowBee is actually still around! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Africakid said...

Sheez, that ranks up there with nose-hair trimmers!
Only in Deutscheland?
No, I do remember my mother once bought a trouser press for a Christmas gift.

Lisa said...

*LOL* Do you realize how close I was to getting one of these? Michael's been eyeballing them for a while. I'm so glad you were first, now you can try it out and tell us all how it works.

Oh, and before you go lamenting the fact it wasn't a diamond necklace, I once got a jar of pickled Turkish veggies for a 'present'. Gotta give the guys an A+ for creativity!

Jen said...

Hmmm... that's really bizarre. But at least you didn't end up with butt smoothing oil, lol. You read that post on Poppyinprovence, right?

letters said...

Oh gawd. Reminds me of the K-Tel paddy stacker. How 99.99% of society manages to survive without these items, I'll never know.
- ian in hamburg

PS: thanks for the link to your half-naked lunch post. Living in Germany, you should know that nudity is expected sooner or later. ;-)

christina said...

LOL from me too. Like Lisa, I was seriously considering getting one of those this week until I thought to myself, "Hey, wait a minute. I've been folding t-shirts just fine for 17 years so why change now?" But yeah, let us know if it works. :-)

P.S. I actually have a Patty Stacker. *hangs head in shame*

Betsy said...

Sorry guys, but WHAT is a Patty (or Paddy) Stacker?

My imagination has kicked into overdrive:
Peppermint Patties
Cow Patties
Hamburger Patties
Rice Paddies
Saint Patty's day
Paddy wagon
Paddy Whiskey
PADI certification

And I can't think of a single one of those that I would want to stack...

Help me out here!

(And of course the second question is: How have I made it through the last 37 years without one?!)

Astrid said...

Lol... that FlowBee is incredible!! Shame there wasn't a video demonstration on their website.

And your fabulous shirt-folder, what is it's destiny now? I'd definitely recycle the gift, and given it to someone I don't particularly have high estime for!! :)

Anonymous said...


Scroll down to (I think) the 9th picture.

It's a (hamburger) patty stacker. It enables you to make your own hamburger patties, and have them turn out all exactly the same.

You don't have one?!?!

christina said...

Ahh, I see someone had revealed the original K-tel Patti-Stacker.

Mine's not from K-tel but I *have* actually used it to make hamburger patties. I guess you could make any other kind of patties too. And I have NO idea where I got it. Probably from my mother.

Jen said...

This was what I was talking about I didn't mean to be rude in my comments.


Jen said...

And now the URL didn't work... what a morning I'm having:


Martina said...

Cute! I've posted another much-needed product over on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Flowbee...honestly, one of my collegues' husband still uses his. I couldn't remember the name of those silly things until you mentioned it. She showed it to me last year and I had never heard of such a thing. I used to have those paddy makers too. Lurking Lisa

Betsy said...

Lisa, I can't believe you escaped the ubiquitous FlowBee infomercials that dominated local stations at off-hours in the 80's!

I just remember thinking how hideous some of the models' hair turned out! Of course hairstyles were very puffy back then, so maybe it wasn't actually the FlowBee's fault.

jennifer said...

I'm still laughing. Thanks for visiting, I love a new place to distract me from working.
I think a shirt folder is a truly horrible gift. I mean, would anyone give a man a shirt folder?

anno said...

I'm laughing too.

For one, somehow I missed the whole FlowBee thing.

Also, I'm impressed by this whole relationship with H. Maybe it is just that he's a German. Or maybe he has more of a sense of humor than you suspect.

Thanks for stopping by -- I enjoyed your comment.

Rebecca said...

HI - saw your great comment on Jennifer's post (the one about prettiness/attractiveness) and thought I'd drop by. You wrote one of those comments that I wish I'd writtten.

anyway - onto the issue at hand - a shirt-folding thingo?? wow - how completely baffling. Perhaps you should buy him an iron as a thankyou gift.

Betsy said...


You all don't know me yet but your names are already familiar to me-- I'm a seasoned lurker! ;-)

letters said...

@mausi - do you actually stack patties with it or do you move it around your cupboard every once in a while looking for useful stuff? ;-)
I think any canadian who grew up in the 70s has seen a thousand k-tel commercials, including the patty stacker.