12 September, 2007

I'm a long way from enlightenment...

I have a horrible confession to make.

I downloaded the new 50 Cent album yesterday and and it's horrendous. Totally inappropriate, offensive, depraved, and... umm... I really like it.


Susie Q said...

I haven't heard the album yet but I can't get "I get money" out of my head. (and that's not a good thing!)

Runaway Rubber Duckie said...

No comment...

Betsy said...

I know, I know. *groan* And the lyrics are just so BAD! (but they're drowned out by the baseline half the time, so it doesn't really matter.)

It's full of gems like:

Im stanky rich
Ima die tryna spend this shit
Southside's up in in this bitch
Yeah i smell like the vault
i used to sell dope
i did play the block
now i play on boats
in the south of France
baby, St. Tropez
Get a tan? i'm already black

(note: I am not responsible for the creative spelling. I just cut and pasted this for your viewing pleasure...)

But for some reason I'm hooked. It's like being infected by a virus. A virus with a great beat... ;-)

Isabelle said...

I too have been infected by this virus! I like 50.. even with the lyrics..

Jen said...

I have some Eminem, so I can relate... I don't want my DS listening to most of it, though. And he's 14!

hezamarie said...

no need to apologize. Nobody said the road to enlightenment was a straight line. So spend this shit. Word?

Betsy said...


Laura said...

HA! I always enjoy reading a few of your blogs each morning with my coffee. Your insights always bring a smile to my face. Reading about a family in similar circumstances.

I had intended to remain anonymous, but this blog left me rolling.


Betsy said...

Thanks for de-lurking, Laura! :-)