25 September, 2007

Aesthetic diversion

I haven't had a lot to say these last few days. My mind seems to be even more cluttered than my desk, which is no small feat!

All in all, though, things are going well. The boys are settling into school and we're all trying to find our groove with our newly crammed schedules.

And in the midst of all the chaos I lack words. I search for them in English and they elude me in German. And in acknowledgment of this rare occurrence I've pulled together a couple of photography links for your viewing pleasure.

Laura has posted some really gorgeous work on her blog Today on my Wanderings. She manages to convey a lot of emotion through her photography and I really enjoy her perspective of Germany!
Allison and Jenn are a well-known phenomenon in the expat blogging community. They joined forces to create Looking Into, which is a visual feast.
And no list of photography links would be complete without a nod to Chuck over at CRB Photography. He's a globetrotter, superhero, dad, and he's got a great eye to boot!


Jen said...

Funny... I gave linky love to Looking Into yesterday, too! I'm certainly going to check out the other two you mentioned. And I'm having the same week you are, although I have no linguistic excuses.

anno said...

I think these look great. Just need a high-bandwidth day to indulge...