30 August, 2012

it's a sad day.

Goodbye sweet Frieda.  We loved you very much.


Martina said...

Sniff. Rest in peace, Frieda.

Goofball said...

oooooh she looks gorgeous. I didn't even know you had a cat.

:( how sad

Betsy said...

She was always there in the background-- we've had her 15+ years! She was really great and it's hard to get used to the idea that she's gone. :'-(

Anonymous said...

So sorry for you. Peace.

Lisa in Indy

Anonymous said...

Sorry :( That is so hard. We lost our cat of over 17 years in April. We got Bella 2 kittens for her birthday in May and they are adorable but we still miss Ceaser.
They become a part of the family
Hope you all are doing well. Looks like you had a lot of fun this summer!
take care

Betsy said...

Thanks Lisa and Mel! Sending hugs right back to both of you! :-)