06 August, 2012

The "kindness" of strangers...

Today the kids wanted to hang out on the campground.  B is on the mend but not quite yet 100% so he hung out in the shade with a book and some movies on the laptop.  S spent the day building dams in the river with some friends.  M and I took a long leisurely hike through the countryside.  We walked along an idyllic river—crystal clear water, smooth stones and schools of trout that swam lazily in the sunshine close to shore.  Every now and then we passed through small villages with ancient farm cottages with boxes of geraniums in the upper story windows. 
Eventually we came to a small town and spent some time meandering through old town, admiring beautiful old buildings dating all the way back to the 1600’s.  I was really enjoying the hike but was also sweltering in the heat, especially since I was wearing a long-sleeved sunguard.  On the way out of town we passed a small grocery store and I peered in the windows to see if they sold bottled water.  Suddenly a smiling face appeared at the window, so rather than just lurk I stepped inside.  A friendly, somewhat wall-eyed man smiled at me from his perch behind the cash register. 
“Dober Dan.  Can I help you?” 
“Oh yes—do you have water?”
“You want a glass of water?”
“What?  Um, yes, I’m looking for water.”
He nodded, smiled and said:  “Follow me!”  Fully confused, I followed him to the back of the store and through a door to the restroom.  ???  He took the sole small glass down off of a shelf above the sink, swished it out under the faucet and rubbed it helpfully between his fingers.  Then he filled it up, handed it to me, smiled beatifically and said:  “Here you are.”
What could I do?  He was so nice that I didn’t feel like I could refuse his gift.  So I accepted it, drank it (with HUGE reservations), thanked him for his kindness and left.  At least we know how to get to the clinic if I end up following B’s lead and barfing my guts out as well….  ;-)

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Goofball said...

I'm sure he was so kind, you won't get ill from the water