05 August, 2012

Note to self 2:

Never make jokes about Giardia because you will probably be the one on bucket duty when the inevitable happens.  Poor B is sick, sick, sick.  We took him to a local clinic this morning and the doctor said there’s unfortunately nothing we can do but let it take its course and wait it out.
Remember this?  Well, thankfully our trip to the medical clinic here was pretty much the opposite of that experience.  The neighboring town is small but the medical facilities are bright and clean.  The staff was friendly and very kind to B.  They didn’t load him up with strange, unnecessary medicines and the local supermarket was even open so that we could stock up on crackers and Gatorade!  We have Glück im Unglück as the Germans say.  I love this country!  (** note:  B is finally sleeping and I hope that we’ve turned the corner...)


anno said...

Oh dear. I would say "unbelievable." Except I've been hanging around here long enough to know better. Hope B. is feeling better and you are all onto enjoying better times very soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh...so sorry. Learned a new word with your post. The symptoms sound just awful. I hope he feels better soon.

BTW, what language do you use in those parts?

Lisa in Indy

Betsy said...

Hi guys! Thanks! B is feeling a lot better today, thanks! :-)

Lisa: The campground is full of Dutch people so we're speaking Dutch with them. Most Slovenes speak either English or German so it's easy to get around. Since Slovene is a slavic language I can understand quite a bit because it's so close to Russian. Makes reading signs, menus and trips to the grocery store a lot of fun! Apparently the Slovene tourist agency in Ljubliana gives crash courses in Slovene every Wednesday evening and I think we're all going to go take advantage of that this week. The kids are really excited about it so I think it will be fun! :-)

Anonymous said...

Fascinating! I so want to visit that part of Europe so that knowledge will make me feel welcome there. How sweet of the gentleman.
Really enjoy your posts and will look forward to the photos!