09 August, 2012

Back in the land of the living.

Two days.  I’ve lost two whole days!  Last night I kept thinking:  yesterday when we had dinner.  Oh no—that was two days ago.  Last night when I took a shower...  Oh—wait:  that was two days ago.  Yesterday when I brushed my teeth…
B’s malady was apparently contagious and felled S and me in one blow.  I haven’t been that sick in a loooooong time!  M was a rock and spent the entire night bailing vomit out of our s(t)inking ship.  S threw up every half hour from 10pm to 8am.  I didn’t keep pace with him but was completely miserable as well.  …and then the fever set in.
We’d had a bbq with friends the evening before and M said that in the morning our campsite looked like the morning after a big frat party.  Leftovers and dishes everywhere, half-full cups of assorted beverates and articles of clothing strewn all over the place.  And then of course the telltale signs of vomit.  ;-)  After a night with literally no sleep he cleaned everything up, washed the dishes, washed S’s clothing and sleeping bag in the glacial river, hauled water and made a run to the supermarket for supplies.  Forget Superman, M is the real superhero in this story.
S and I spent yesterday in a stupor- too wiped out to do anything other than lay flat and stare at the ceiling and occasionally doze off.  Today we’re feeling much better, relatively fit, happy to be healthy again and looking forward to actually leaving the campground and seeing something other than the inside of a bucket.  J  Thank God for coffee, Ibuprofen and a good man who knew exactly what to do at exactly the right moments!


Anonymous said...

OH NO! I was afraid you'd get sick too!

So, do you have any idea what caused this? Is it the water? The food? I'm really re-thinking that part about traveling there. Of course, I would never go camping - ick and ewww, so that wouldn't be it. But I can't wait to see the photos and hope that if and when we travel there, we don't experience what you have. (I have spent a total of 3 nights sleeping outside and won't repeat that ever again). :-)

I sincerely hope you're all feeling much better.

Lisa in Indy

anno said...

Doesn't seem fair at all. Seems to me you are all overdue for an idyllic vacation -- perfect weather, perfect food, perfect memories.
Good thing you have the perfect guy around to take care of you all!

Hope you are feeling much better, and that the last of your trip passes peacefully and without incident.

Betsy said...

Oh thanks, guys! We're not completely recovered yet but we're on our way. Oh Lisa, don't let this experience color your idea of Slovenia. It certainly hasn't made me think any less of this place. I will *never* go back to Egypt again because of our experience there, but I don't think that our illness here is due to something Slovenian-specific, just a patch of bad luck that you can run into anywhere, even at home. I would definitely recommend a trip here-- we'll definitely be coming back, probably often! :-)

Anonymous said...

Very Cool.

Lisa in Indy.