04 February, 2011

Hot zone.

The kid with whom S and B walk to school succumbed to some nasty stomach virus last weekend. Then we spent the whole of Monday afternoon hanging out at another friend's house while I drank coffee with the mother. The very next day they were *all* felled by this stomach virus. (It's apparently so bad that they needed to keep a bucket in front of the toilet while they were sitting on i!.)

I've had a bad feeling all week, am waiting for the axe to drop. S was sick yesterday and today, but just with a headache. Today he was better so he had a friend over to play. Right in the middle of the action the kid suddenly went very pale, said: "I don't feel very well, can your mother please take me home?" S just called and his mother said he now has a stomach virus as well.

So now the question is: are we spreading it or is it stalking us?!


Goofball said...

well you would assume you have the antibodies for it right now, so I guess you're just spreading it :p

I really hope so, but don't come to visit us right now, ok?

Betsy said...

Nope, I spoke too soon. S is sick and I think it's starting with me too. :-P

G in Berlin said...

Sorry! Hope it "passes" quickly!