04 November, 2008

This cracked me up!

DH sent me this video yesterday and it cracked me up. (Seems the media have me confused with someone else--- I sent off my absentee ballot about a month ago!)

(***Note: this video is customizable, just click on the clip and you will be sent to moveon.org's website where you can fill in any name you like and send it to all of your friends. or enemies... ;-) )

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security! No matter what your convictions are it's important that your voice is heard! Please go out and vote!!!!


G in Berlin said...

That's a new photo, isn't it? Looks great.
I am blog surfing, TV surfing, freaking but starting to feel better as I wastch the polls in Illinois. I just need the East Coast to come in before I can decrease the cortisol.

Astrid said...

I replied to your comment on my blog too, but don't you just love the old'ish lady swearing like any old truck driver?? :))

I hope everybody are using their chance to shape the US, in either direction. I get so upset when I hear about all the non-voters in whatever country.

Goofball said...

seen it before...I tried to register to vote online but it didn't accept my Belgian zip code :p. bummer. I wish I could help in these elections to make the good balance

Betsy said...

Have you seen this site? Cast your vote there! (It's a nice diversion, even if the vote doesn't count in the general election....)

Goofball said...

thanks for the suggestion :)

christina said...

Ha ha! Someone sent that to me yesterday even though I'm Canadian and I'm going "Huh?" :-) Really freaky seeing ones name there on the screen, isn't it? And the old lady is a hoot!